The Magic of Deck Quest

“Of course, we all know what more brain-power means in an RPG… more spell power! With your higher intellect, you are able to cast more spells!” – Intelligent Attribute

Magic in Deck Quest is split into two distinctive categories: arcane and holy. Holy magic is bestowed upon players through the Ancients, a mysterious race of deities worshiped throughout the lands. The Ancients are able to pick and choose who receives their gift–so you won’t fine a evil shaman casting holy magic any time soon. Holy magic is reserved for Paladins, Clerics, Knights, and Templars. Holy magic doesn’t carry the same amount of risk as arcane magic and is used almost exclusively to protect and heal. Arcane magic, on the other hand, is available to anyone who taps into the forces of magic spawned in the Arcane Plane.  The Arcane Plane is ruled by the Old Ones, beings even older than the Ancients and much more malevolent in nature. The Old Ones tempt mortals with magic, offering them greater magical power in return for their sanity or soul. Some are born with a natural inclination towards magic and don’t need to deal with the Old Ones; these people are called Wizards. Those who wish to use magic through the use of tools and devices are called Mages. Those who give into the Old Ones and make a contract with them are called Warlocks. Arcane magic is much deadlier than holy magic and is used to snare, maim, and control.

In Deck Quest, you can face off against both an Ancients boss and an Old Ones boss: the “Ancient Guardian” and “Zlanzrwrss The Old One”!



Like the Alpha and the Omega, these two bosses represent different sides of the same coin. The Ancient Guardian is a massive being who towers over your party and may fight you to protect Ancient secrets… or perhaps it is being controlled by some other force? Zlanzrwrss is the youngest of the Old Ones and his true name must never be uttered, for it could cause chaos and madness to spread throughout the land like a plague. His ultimate skill, Call Forth- Oblivion!, lets him summon 7 out of the 8 bosses in Deck Quest, making him a serious threat to behold.


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