Deck Quest

Deck Quest is now live on Kickstarter! We launched our campaign yesterday morning, and we’ve still got 28 days to go (as of this post)! If you’re interested, give our page a visit!


I’m sure the vast majority of you reading this post already know what Deck Quest is. But, if you don’t know all that much about Deck Quest and want to learn more, or if you’ve never even heard of Deck Quest before, this post is for you.

I’ll start with the basics.

Deck Quest is Garage Sofa Games’ very first official game. We had a game idea called “Shadow Story: Crystal Seekers” before Deck Quest, but it didn’t reach too far into the developmental process until we decided to switch on over to Deck Quest completely.

But what even is Deck Quest in the first place?

In short terms, Deck Quest is, as we like to call it, “an open-ended tabletop roleplaying rpg.”

And what does that title mean? Let’s take a closer look.

We call Deck Quest “open-ended.” But “open-ended” is quite an open-ended word. What we’re essentially trying to convey by saying “open-ended” is that Deck Quest is super flexible. Its specific rules and gameplay mechanics very heavily depend on who, exactly, is playing the game. The Game Master (and the players, too, I guess) are the ones who largely determine how each game of Deck Quest works out. This is all sort of hard to explain without actually showing you some examples and/or writing a longer description, so I’ll provide some links down below for you to check out.

“Tabletop” is pretty self-explanatory. What we mean by “tabletop” is that Deck Quest is a physical, touchable, tangible game. It’s not an online video game or application or anything like that. It’s a real, holdable game like the classics.

“Roleplaying” pretty much means that players of the game take on specific characters within the game. During the beginning of each Deck Quest game, players are able to choose their Class and their Attributes, and depending on which Class and which Attributes they choose, their character/role will be different.

“Card game” is what is says. It’s a card game. This goes hand-in-hand with “tabletop”–it’s just clarifying that Deck Quest isn’t a board game or something of that sort. It’s a card game.

I could go much more into detail about Deck Quest and what it’s all about, but I think there are some other places where we would explain that a bit better. This post was just to get you acquainted with Deck Quest and maybe clarify on some things about the game that you may not have completely understood before.

So yeah!

Here are some links to other places where you can learn about Deck Quest:
Website page:
Overview video:
How to play:
Kickstarter page:




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