The World of Deck Quest

As you may know already, the setting that Deck Quest takes place in is a very typical, bread-and-butter fantasy world.

It has the usual dragons, mages, Elves, Dwarves, and more; pretty much anything you’ll find in The Hobbit or any Lord of the Rings novel/movie.

But why?

Why aren’t we making a really wacky, non-typical world that nobody has ever heard of before?

Two reasons:

The first reason is that Deck Quest is supposed to be flexible. The game is supposed to be as imaginative as the players want it to be. Since most players will already be relatively familiar with the game’s Tolkien-type fantasy world, they will likewise be more comfortable and more excited to try and add their own imagination and creativity into the mix. Using the bread-and-butter foundation of DQ’s fantasy world, players can make their adventures become more or less wacky/non-typical at their leisure.

I remember at a playtesting session we did at a local summer camp, one of the playtesters kept on using his “poison arrows” to give monsters various real-world diseases, eventually winning the game by waiting out for the diseases to take effect.

In the end, however, whether players want to be super creative or not, the base Deck Quest box will still just come with the typical mage and paladin Class cards and the typical dragon and monster Adversary cards.

But notice how I said “base Deck Quest box.”

Here comes the second reason: expansion packs.

Depending on how successful the Deck Quest Kickstarter is and how well the game does once it officially releases to the public, we’ll make various expansion packs to add different themes than just the typical fantasy that it is now.

We decided to start with fantasy because it made the most sense to us; it provides a good foundation for Deck Quest to start off with, and also makes expansion pack themes look that much cooler.

Futuristic, Western, Eastern, Prehistoric, and Expanded Fantasy are only some of the current ideas we have…

And yeah!

Have any thoughts/questions/comments to add?
We’d love to discuss them!
Feel free to leave them in comments, and we’ll respond ASAP!
Also, please share this post with others through your social media, word-of-mouth, etc–it really helps a ton.

Thanks for reading!


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