Deck Quest: Then & Now


Deck Quest: Then & Now ~

As you may or may not know already, Deck Quest has come a long way from where it first started.

Not only has the interface of each DQ card changed, but also the gameplay of DQ itself and a few of its core mechanics.

The original idea for Deck Quest was extremely open-ended. So open-ended, in fact, that it seemed as if the game could only be enjoyed to its fullest when the players were already very familiar with the game and/or were playing with someone who was.

However, after collecting results from an awesome local playtesting session and making some other edits and revisions, Deck Quest has evolved into a more structured (yet still as imaginative) game than it was before.

The changes made to the card interfaces largely reflect the structural gameplay changes made for DQ over the months.

Deck Quest Evolution

DQ 1.0 was really, really “alpha-esque.” The cards pretty much just showed the basic gist of the character/item/whatever it was representing, but not much else.

So, in 2.0, we decided to add numbers. Generic numbers. Numbers for players to use in various situations. We also added suggested movesets, but as you’ll see soon, we removed them in DQ 3.0.

For the aforementioned playtesting session that we did, the DQ interface was changed to 2.1 Beta–it looked a bit less confusing, and stayed more true to the original card design in 1.0 Alpha.

In DQ 3.0, we decided to remove the whole theme of “generic numbers” and “generic movesets.” During the playtesting session, all those numbers with different symbols seemed to confuse people, and the suggested skills didn’t really feel all that necessary.

But as you’ve probably noticed already from the DQ timeline picture, DQ 3.0’s design just screams “ESSAY.”
I mean, look at the name AJ dubbed under the 3.0 picture.

And now we have DQ 3.1. We re-implemented numbers, but now they have specific meanings within the game. We also went back to having two sections of text, one giving a broad description of the card itself, the other giving more specific advice.

Deck Quest 3.1 is looking real close to the final version of the game. In fact, it might very well be the final version.

What are your thoughts on the development process of DQ? Any questions or comments? We’re open to anything! Have any suggestions? Feel free to tell us.

Thanks for reading!

See you, [space cowboy] Deck Questers…



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