Newer & Nicer

We’ve recently been doing a bunch of research in preparation for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, and looking at what people have said throughout the various posts we’ve read on other blogs and websites, we’ve decided that starting a blog of our own might be kinda cool. We’ve also started up a Tumblr-type blog as well (click the link if you’re interested in checking it out).

And so here we are.

In case you’ve visited our main site before, you may have noticed that we actually already have a small-ish blog on there as well. The problem with it, though, is that it’s sort of a hidden, forgotten-about part of our website, so we’ve discontinued it and started this blog instead. We feel that a dedicated, consistent, and more nice-looking blog would be both better for you readers as well as us.

Anyway, I guess this is sort of just an introductory post to get us started along our way of becoming world-renowned bloggers (I just know that it will happen someday…).

So yeah.

Since, as previously mentioned, we’re currently working on a Kickstarter for our first game, Deck Quest, the next few posts or so will probably be about the coming along of that and how things are going behind the scenes.

See ya!
~ Sky



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