Welcome to the Blog!

Hello all! Welcome to the official Garage Sofa Games blog!

Are you new here? Are you familiar with us as a company, but you’re just new to this blog? Or could this be the first time you’ve ever heard of us and you’ve somehow happened to stumble across this blog?

Do not fear! For this welcome post is here!

If you’re new to Garage Sofa Games, or maybe you’ve heard of us before somewhere but don’t really know too much more than that…

We’re a company that makes games (as the name implies). As of now, we’re in the process of developing Deck Quest–an interesting take on the classic tabletop RPG. Take a peek at our main site to find out more about us and our game. You can also check out our social medias: FacebookTumblr, and Twitter.

We’ll post on this blog every so often–we’ll talk about what’s going on with us, whatever we’re working on at the time, other people/companies in the tabletop gaming industry, and more.

And that’s about all. Feel free to browse around this blog whenever you like; connect with us in the comments, shoot us an email through the “Contact Us” tab, give us feedback, praise us, and more!


~ the GSG team






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